Revelation Connection Technologies

Based in Los Angeles California, RCT L.L.C., is an independent company that produces and distributes a patented new self-restrained ductile iron fitting with an integral restraining gasket. RCT currently has three major points of distribution to serve all areas of the United States.

The RCT system is used in seismic areas and is capable of restraining against thrust or water hammer regardless of the pipe wall of the PVC pipe on which it is installed. The ductile iron fitting is manufactured to AWWA C153 and is coated with a fusion bonded epoxy coating inside and out to meet AWWA C116. By design this gasket uses the hoop strength of the pipe when water hammer or thrust occurs. This system eliminates the need for external restraint devices that are labor intensive and prone to corrosion.

RCT is furnishing the waterworks and sewer industries with the latest innovations of advanced quality products and technologies that resolve common installation applications by tested and proven means.